POLITICO’s Weekly EU Election Quiz

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Which of these former MEPs did not also take part in Eurovision?

Joseph Muscat, a former MEP and Maltese prime minister, was charged in connection with a privatization scandal involving what kind of property?

Police raided the office of far-right German MEP Maximilian Krah and his aide this week in a Chinese espionage investigation. What is the name of the aide?

Matthias Ecke, a lead candidate in the European Parliament election, was seriously injured on Friday while putting up campaign posters. How old was the person who turned themselves in after the assault?

Who said it:

“I am here in Berlin … to say once again: No cooperation with the far-right.”

What scheme is Ireland rolling out to get more homeless people to vote and have their voices heard?

Which French MEP called out — and annoyed — many fellow MEPs for earning money from side jobs?


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